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Approximate width and thickness is that of a Nickel
These are not paper thin pieces of jewelry

Treat yourself or a loved one to something special. A custom crafted solid 14K Gold or Sterling Silver Maltese Cross with a raised center insignia. An impressive combination of strength and beauty with careful attention paid to every detail. Incredibly well crafted 14k gold 3D pendants. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in workmanship nor the price! All firehouse fashions pieces are hand selected to be the finest possible quality for you. You can wear your fire jewelry with pride, knowing that it comes from a firefighter owned shop. This jewelry store is dedicated to fire fighters, the support staff and their families, but anyone can shop here and enjoy the benefits of owning genuine fire gear and collectable gifts.

Specialized fire jewelry and gold maltese cross pendants from firehouse fashions warehouse in California. The Gold Battalion piece is made to last, and will live for generations. The shape is a traditional Maltese Cross, which is the firefighters coat of arms, and protector during the line of duty. This piece and many more are available from our website and catalog. Shop for more silver and gold fire jewelry in the online product database.